The true meaning of Thanksgiving

Every year after Thanksgiving I am reminded how much we have accomplished and overcome as a people. Of the resources we have to call upon. Of the ingenuity and can-do spirit that still exists all around us. I truly believe if we work together, focus and not let anything deter us from our goal, we can have turkey sandwiches more than once a year.

The bagger at the grocery store said, “Hi, neighbor!” and I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me. I hesitated, and then thought, well why not? Aren’t we all neighbors in one way or another? So I looked up from the card reader and said hi, and realized she lives in the house two doors down from us.

It’s taken me and our founder, Amnon, the better part of a year to work through the language barrier enough to realize we have a similar sense of humor. Today I told him how much I enjoyed my job, and that I would be perfectly happy if Leadspace was the last company I ever worked for. 

He replied, “I could run you over with a truck.”

There’s a spot near my BART station where bike messengers gather. One guy seems to be in charge. He’s older than most, and has an ex-military bearing. We once had a nice chat in line at the adjacent coffee kiosk. I imagine one day I’ll run afoul of a messenger, and just as I’m about to get clocked with a U-lock, The General will step through the haze of pot smoke and say, “Stand down, rider. This one’s okay.”