So I sit down in front of the computer intending to slap up a picture of the snack table at my new job and maybe one of the bizarrely Orwellian panel in our stairwell, announce the opening of the Chicago photo gallery and ask the question, “Why would I want to drink Pimp Juice?”, then get back to horizontally catching up on the TV shows I’ve missed in the last two weeks. Then I check my stats and find that this will be my 100th post. Oh for heaven’s sake. I suppose I can’t just ignore that.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve posted 100 times since I started this blog in October, but it’s not so hard to believe when you realize that I pretty much had nothing to do during the day for all but two of those last 22 weeks. It would be churlish of me in the extreme to complain that I don’t have as much time as I used to now that I’m working, and I don’t expect any sympathy. But man. Having to be someplace 40 hours a week really cuts into your blogging. (I’ve set a goal of being there at least a month before I start spending all my time at work blogging, web surfing and IMing. I think that’s prudent.)

It’s definitely an adjustment. I have newfound respect for all of you whose blogs I read and enjoy who I know work hard during the week and manage to find time to post even once a week, let alone those of you who post every day or thereabouts. When do you shop? When do you eat and do laundry? How do you find time to watch Average Joe: Adam’s Revenge? It has honestly been long enough that I forgot what it was like to work full-time. (Yeah, yeah. Cry me a river.)

I also find that my mind doesn’t wander in blogworthy ways as much as it used to. I saw a truck drive by my office the other day that said “Rude Transportation” on the side, and the best I could do was think, “Huh. That might be funny to mention.” That was a week ago. Could it be that I am becoming more focused? More responsible? More dedicated to my job? Wow. That’s a hell of a concept. We’ll see.

In the meantime, thanks a lot for stopping by.