If you want my old job as SAS social media manager…

Wednesday was my last day at SAS as social media manager. I’ve written about my departure (two posts, actually: one on my SAS blog and one here) and the decision to give up a great job at a great company to go to New Marketing Labs. My old job was posted yesterday on the SAS jobs page (search job #10002098), and, as I said on Twitter, I found it a bittersweet experience seeing it there. (I think that word may have confused some people; it was bittersweet because I’m leaving a great job and great people, but it was my decision and the parting was even more amicable than I could have hoped.) Since the job posted, I’ve had quite a few people contact me to ask about the job through a variety of methods available to us these days: email, Twitter DM, Facebook message and Skype. (No one has called.) All of their questions have been along the same lines, and since the answers are positive for all involved, I thought I’d save time and answer them here. Q: Is it a good job? A: Absolutely. SAS is truly a great place to work, and this is a great […]

SAS Social Media Manager job description

Originally published on Conversations & Connections, my SAS social media blog For a while we were thinking of this job as Digital Media Manager, but a Google search for that phrase gets a lot more hits for software packages that help manage your digital media than it does for people who manage Web 2.0 activities. I suggested changing the title to Social Media Manager, fully aware that a) the term may become hopelessly hackneyed and/or quaint in six to 18 months and 2) that there are many people who believe you can’t manage social media. "Social media strategist" would have also been a perfectly good title, although with the trails I need to blaze, I didn’t feel like creating a whole new taxonomy for our HR department as well. So in this blog’s spirit of looking behind the curtain, I present my job description. Social Media Manager Job Description The SAS Social Media Manager is both internally- and externally-focused on developing & executing SAS’ social media strategy and advocating for the external community. Externally, he or she identifies influential opportunities, engages regularly with SAS’ audiences online and may be called upon to speak publicly as a thought-leader on SAS’ social […]