English is hard

We saw a sheriff’s deputy on the way to school this morning. I tried to explain the difference between a sheriff and a police officer to The Boy:

Law enforcement officers who work in towns and cities are called police. If they work outside of towns, in the county (even though towns are actually in the county), they are called sheriffs, only really they are sheriff’s deputies, and sometimes they are called just deputies. So if someone “calls the sheriff,” the sheriff probably won’t show up, he or she will send a deputy.

The law enforcement agency responsible for highways and interstates is called the Highway Patrol. Their officers are called State Troopers.

Simple, really.

Learning to live in a Windows world

The Boy has a Vtech Rhyme and Discover book, which is currently in favor again. It’s shaped like a book and has pages you turn, but it reads stories aloud, and sings songs. One of the many toys that seems to be designed for parents who need to put the kid in the corner alone for one to eight hours.

Yesterday it started making clicking sounds in the middle of a song, so I turned it off and on again and closed and opened it, and it was fine. This morning The Boy did the same thing.

Aw! He’s learning to reboot!