Me: “Let’s play a game called hide and seek. You hide, and I try to find you.”

The Boy: “Okay, I’ll go hide in my closet.”

The Boy, pointing at a woman walking by: “Look at that lady. She’s walking… like a duck.”

Mommy: “What are you eating?

The Boy: “Cat fur.”

The Boy: Mommy, you want to push me on the bicycle?

The Mrs: Sure. Where do you want to go?

The Boy: Arizona.

The Mrs: What’s your first name?
The Boy: Conrad
The Mrs: What’s your last name?
The Boy: Thomas
The Mrs: What’s your middle name?
The Boy: Clifford the Big Red Dog

We took The Boy to see his former (and beloved) nanny Bonnie get married yesterday. I was a bit apprehensive about his ability to sit through the ceremony, but we hit on an interesting formula. He went down for his nap much later than usual, so he had only been sleeping for about half an hour when we got him up to go. He was dazed and cranky all the way there, and just waking up as we arrived.

He sat quietly and attentively through the short ceremony, then just as it was ending and Bonnie and Steve had been presented for the first time as husband and wife, he said, just loud enough to be heard a few rows away, “All done.” He got an appreciative laugh from the crowd. Then just as they turned us loose to head to the reception, he said, “Now let’s eat cake.”